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Either restart your machine, or log out and in again, to complete the installation. Front and rear camera footage is recorded in separate files – forward-facing footage is shown with an “A” at the end of the file name, rear-facing gets “B”. The rear-facing camera is a wide-angle (110-degree) lens, unlike the Nextbase Duo, which has a 50m zoom lens facing backwards . The advantage of the wide angle lens is that it records events inside the cabin as well as through the rear window. Footage from the 720p rear camera is clear during the day but at night it doesn’t pick up much at all.

The first time we used it, however, the sat nav could not find a satellite and so no speed of location was recorded . In addition, the GPS requires an additional cable to be stuck to the windscreen, which is unsightly and adds time to the installation. The lack of a screen makes it difficult to frame video and change settings – this has to be done while connected to a computer. The software included also displays video with the mapping/location information but isn’t required for a quick review of the footage. It’s simple to start recording your trips and there are only two buttons on the device itself, making it quite easy to control, but this is easily the most complex dash cam if you want to use all its functions.

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In addition, the footage playback using the software was jerky; only by exporting the file from the SmartWitness software and watching it with our usual video players did it play smoothly. The buttons on the SVC1080 are a little small and fiddly but the menu is simple enough to navigate. A big frustration was that video footage can only be reviewed using the SmartWitness software. Mio says its range of logitech webcam c270 driver cameras come with technology used in GoPro action cams, so the quality is just as good.

The GoPro Hero 7 Black, Hero 8 and Hero 9 support live streaming directly from the camera, but frustratingly don’t have any native support to use them as a webcam on your PC or Mac. This is possible on even the budget Apeman A100 I reviewed recently. 175,000 plug-in vehicles – including hybrids and pure EVs – were registered in 2020, accounting for one in 10 new vehicles. This compares with one in 30 in 2019 and the rate of adoption is expected to increase more rapidly as the UK nears the 2030 ban on new petrol and diesel cars. However, 53 per cent of drivers without off-street said they would not currently consider an EV. A lack of charging infrastructure remains a key obstacle to the wholesale adoption of electric cars, especially for drivers without off-street parking. There are currently 7,682 public on-street chargers and a Freedom of Information request by Centrica shows that councils intend to fit just 9,317 more in the next four years.

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We were certainly impressed with the clarity, in daylight and at night, although numberplates are washed out in low light conditions. The 150-degree viewing angle is one of the widest on test, so action to each side is captured, too. In addition to the GPS, G-sensor, large screen and 150° wide-angle lens, there’s also a Parking Mode with motion sensor, which is designed to capture any dings to the front of your car while you’re parked. However, this requires an adaptor to ensure power is supplied from the car’s battery at all times , and we prefer to hide or remove the camera to deter thieves. Also, there’s WiFi mode that allows playback, backup and sharing via a smartphone, but this is also fluff, in our opinion. Relatively powerful but not one of our favourite dashcams to look at, install or operate, and its footage is average, especially in low light.

The two cameras record in 960 x 720 pixels then save the footage side-by-side in a 1920 x 720 composite. While this is decent quality, it only record in 20 frames per second so it is a little jerky. The footage captured at night was not bad, if a little fuzzy compared with the best we had on test. Also, a 90-degree viewing angle is one of the narrowest we’ve tested. However, there’s no judder and overall, clarity is up at the highest end of devices. Of course, there’s GPS and a motion sensor to display speed and position, and sudden deceleration or accidents can be detected and the related footage is locked automatically. Once fired up, we were given a view from the camera and asked to adjust its position.

Overall, too many irritations meant we didn’t warm to the Kaiser Baas R20. A no-nonsense product that’s easy to set up and live with, features a G-sensor and GPS and records high quality audio and video. It beats other similar devices thanks to the speed camera alerts, but the narrow field of vision does let it down somewhat. The free memory card is an incentive to buy, though, and should an insurer offer a discount similar to that of the Nextbase models, choosing between the two would be tough.

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You’re able to make further angle adjustments left and right via the lens itself. Once sorted, recording started and we were presented with a version of Garmin’s standard sat nav operating system, which is fairly easy to navigate.